Windows & OSX Computer Issues
Billed in 1-hour increments ($150 per hour)

Start a support call with
Matthew G.
Help Desk Department
Start a support call with
Dusty F.
Help Desk Department


Windows & VMWare Server Issues
Billed in 1-hour increments ($225 per hour)

Emergency support & engineering

Billed in 1-hour increments ($250 per hour)

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Questions about products and services
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Tracy E.
Sales Department


Questions about projects, products, and services
No Charge – Lets talk!

ArcLiTE is a new support methodology designed to allow face to face access with engineering and support technicians without the risk of spreading COVID-19.  How does ArcLiTE work? Easy!

  1. Select the technician you wish to connect with
  2. Click “Enter the ________ queue” button
  3. Follow the prompts on your phone or computer to complete connection
  4. If the technician, you are connecting to is busy you will be placed in the support queue until the technician is available.
  5. When the technician becomes available, they will initiate a chat to discuss your support needs.
    • If our technician deems your support issue something he can assist with he will ask you to sign our master service agreement electronically (you can do this before the support meeting by going here)
    • The technician will send you a payment link to pay by CC for your support session.
  6. Support timer begins upon payment completion.