Technology Discovery

Large or small, no matter the size of your organization it is important to regularly review your infrastructure to ensure your organization remains solvent when disaster strikes.  To do so you need to know that your technology infrastructure is meeting the organization’s needs.  Technology infrastructure must be optimized, secure, reliable, and recoverable in order to prevent disaster and to recover when disaster inevitably strikes.

  • Are Systems Performing Optimally?
  • Are Systems Secure?
  • Are Systems Reliable?
  • Are Systems Disaster Recoverable?

Before the above boxes can be checked a network assessment & discovery must be done and important technical questions must be answered.  Answering these detailed questions can take a considerable amount of time without the proper tools, training, and experience identifying both obvious and less obvious issues.

Example Technology Discovery Questions

  • How many assets do we have?
  • How old are our assets?
  • Are critical assets under warranty?
  • How often are data backups performed?
  • Are backups stored off-site and on-site?
  • What is your organizations recovery point objective (RPO)?
  • What is your organizations recovery time objective (RTO)?
  • Do we have a viable disaster recovery plan?
  • Do we have a viable business continuity plan?
  • Do we have any compromised email accounts on the dark web?
  • How many email accounts do we have?
  • Do we have a process for new employee technology onboarding?
  • Do we have a process for employee termination technology offboarding?
  • Do we audit user accounts for excessive logon attempts?
  • Do we have a password policy that meets regulatory requirements?
  • How many user authentication accounts exist?
  • Are backups encrypted at rest and in transit?
  • Are backup restores periodically performed to ensure recoverability?
  • How quickly can we recovery from a disaster such as server failure, data exfiltration, virus, etc?
  • Do we have stale user accounts enabled for former employees?
  • Do our user passwords expire?
  • Do we meet industry specific regulatory requirements?
  • Are Windows security updates missing or failing to be applied?
  • Is anti-virus installed globally and are updates being applied?
  • Are network security devices such as firewalls, switches, routers, and access points updated with the latest security patches?
  • Are there any unsupported or obsolete hardware devices on the network?
  • Do any unauthorized devices such as personal phones and tablets have access to the production network?

All the above items and more can be discovered by a trained ArcLight technician.

ArcLight’s discovery reporting is highly detailed and actionable. ArcLight discovery reports provide tremendous benefit to organizations with or without internal technology support staff.

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