Private Cloud

Take on the power of the cloud with the control and security of a dedicated environment

As organizations continue to take on different advanced technologies to improve efficiencies in their business, cloud computing is probably one of the latest, albeit controversial, advancements that they are looking into. And though public cloud has its advantages, it also entails security risks apart from being shared by multiple organizations. To enjoy the benefits of cloud without concerns about privacy or lack of data control, you may want to develop your own private cloud with the help of our expert technicians at ArcLight Group.

Advantages of private cloud

Private cloud is a type of cloud computing that delivers the power, efficiency and features of a public cloud, but with the security, control, and performance of a proprietary architecture.

Private cloud offers hosted services to a limited number of people behind a firewall, so it minimizes the security concerns some organizations have around cloud. It also includes self-service, multi-tenancy, and the ability to provision machines and change computing resources on-demand, so you pay only for what you use. As a result, it is best for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments. If you have mission-critical workloads, security concerns, uptime requirements or management demands, it is best that you provision a portion of your existing data center as an on-premises -- or private -- cloud.

Making the move to private cloud

If you’re thinking of having a personal cloud for your business, bear in mind that they are complex to operate. It requires experts who understand cloud architecture and know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor, and scale a cloud environment. It you have an on-premises IT, deployment carries the same staffing, management, maintenance and capital expenses as traditional data center ownership. Therefore, if you want to reduce your organization’s on-premises IT footprint, our cloud specialists at ArcLight Group can deploy a private cloud infrastructure for you.

The advantages of private cloud from ArcLight Group include:

Uncompromising support

Our specialists proactively monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud and are available to help you 24x7x365.

Hybrid cloud for additional scalability

You don’t have to go ‘all in’ on private cloud. We offer hybrid cloud solutions that let you connect your private cloud to the public cloud or to dedicated servers to grow or shrink on demand.

Choice and expertise

We have the expertise and experience to give you the private cloud solution you need, no matter your requirements.

Scalability with availability

Scale out to meet the growing needs of your business, with a capacity of thousands of physical nodes, depending upon the platform you choose. You can select a platform to leverage application-based redundancy or built-in fault tolerance.


Get the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers. Add options such as web application firewalls or intrusion detection systems for additional levels of protection.

With a managed private cloud by ArcLight Group, we’ll take care of infrastructure and management, giving you the cloud expertise you need so you can focus on your core business. Contact us today to talk about your private cloud needs.

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