Passwordless Security

Doctors tired of remembering countless passwords?

So are the rest of our clients! That’s why we spent countless hours researching and testing solutions to the “password” problem. Changes in regulation from HIPAA to PCI DSS have created ever increasing security requirements.

Introducing ArcLight Authenticator. ArcLight Authenticator is an inexpensive, fully supported, robust solution that meets stringent regulatory security requirements. ArcLight Authenticator completely removes the burden of remembering dozens of frequently changing complex passwords. No more non-compliant sticky note passwords on monitors or under keyboards!

How do I login to my computer without remembering a password?

  1. Using a thin plastic card you can quickly tap a USB card reader to login to a windows computer or laptop
  2. Using a mobile device such as a smart phone you can generate a one-time pass code and use it to login
  3. From your computer you can click “Ping” to send a request to your mobile device that can then be approved at the click of a button to be immediately logged into your computer

How do I logout?
You can log out the same way you always have, or you can use your card to logout by tapping the reader to be immediately logged out. How easy is that?

What hardware and software is required?
For one time passcodes and ping you only need an android or apple based smart phone utilizing a very light application. For proximity card access you will need a proximity card reader on every computer. Proximity card readers come in all shapes and sizes to fit any need. There is even a nano proximity reader that can be added to a laptop so that you can use your proximity card when not in the office!

What about Citrix, Remote Desktop, and local applications?
Utilizing ArcLight Authenticator and Single Sign On (SSO) we can pass your credentials to almost any application.

I already have a proximity card from my hospital, clinic, private practice, etc. can I re-use it for my systems?
YES, no need to carry multiple cards! If you don’t like cards then how about a small tab you can stick to any existing card like an ID badge?

Who manages the system?
The ArcLight Group, LLC a Tulsa, Oklahoma based information technology company founded in 2008 with a sole focus on healthcare providers fully manages and supports the ArcLight Authenticator system.

How long does it take to setup?
Setup time will depend on several factors such as your ability to provide our technicians access to computers to install software. Since many medical professionals utilize multiple devices it can take longer to get every employee setup with all pertinent devices. Once software is installed we can quickly enroll employees and perform employee training.

Will the installation of the software and hardware interrupt our business?
There will be zero interruption to employee work flow during the entire installation and configuration process. ArcLight will install and configure the systems in conjunction with the current password based system so that employees can continue working using their existing passwords until they choose to begin using the proximity card to login.

Click here to see the ArcLight Authentication system in action.

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