Wireless Security & HIPAA Compliance

Control, connect, comply


ArcLight Group’s Wireless Security & HIPAA Compliance solution enables you to maintain a wireless LAN that meets HIPAA implementation specifications. This means you can stay connected with enhanced security that guards your wireless infrastructure in all aspects - technical, administrative and physical.

Benefits of Wireless Security & HIPAA Compliance from ArcLight Group include:

  • Unique user identification with security, network and access control settings
  • Emergency access that stays up even if connectivity becomes unavailable
  • 256-bit AES encryption with communication conducted over secure SSL connection
  • Visibility into events related to wireless users on the network
  • Log-in monitoring which provides a log of administrative activities and configuration changes
  • Password management which lets you create, modify and delete other administrator accounts and enforce password complexity requirements
  • Data backup and recovery through multiple data centers for high availability and reliability

We also offer a whole suite of security and management alerts for administrators including rogue AP detection and AP outages. Don’t wait to build a HIPAA compliant wireless network. Start now with help from ArcLight Group, contact us today.

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