IT Scout Plan

You installed the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software so now what do you do?


"Nice computer. Wouldn't want something bad to happen to it."

Bad guys DO exist and they want to do harm to your computers, steal your identity, banking information, use your systems to launch attacks on other networks, and more.

The first line of defense is a robust firewall & intrusion prevention system, but the second line of defense (and often last line of defense) is your locally installed anti-virus and anti-malware software. Its not enough to just have software installed. It must also be up to date and pro-actively monitored. Otherwise how do you know when your last line of defense has been compromised?

The best way to protect against threats designed to specifically target your last line of defense i.e. anti-virus and anti-malware software is to have a separate and independent agent that monitors the software to ensure its proper function. If a compromise does happen an alert should be sent to a skilled and trained professional so that the issue can be resolved ASAP.


Introducing ArcLight's IT SCOUT Support Plan

Think of IT SCOUT as a basic protection plan with tremendous benefits. IT SCOUT includes:

  1. Anti-Virus Protection for servers and workstations (AVP)
  2. Anti-Malware Protection for workstations and servers (AMP)
  3. AVP & AMP Protection Monitoring & Reporting
  4. Access to priority support ques
  5. Reduced minimum support increment from one hour to a half hour
  6. Reduced support rate currently $20 less per hour than our break/fix client rate!
  7. Access to ArcLight Director Portal for ticket submissions, tracking, and invoice search
  8. Auto-fix actions such as disk cleanup and defragmentation
  9. Remote support agents on every computer
  10. Access to additional services only available to IT SCOUT clients

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