Full Service & Support Plan

One Bill Each Month For All Your IT Support and Service Needs!


Tired of fluctuating support bills?

Are you tired of tracking invoices for IT services and licenses? It gets even more difficult as employees come and go. Cloud solutions such as Office 365, managed encryption, mobile device management, and others must have licenses disabled and/or reissued regularly. Failure to manage these solutions can rack up exorbitant fees for services you aren't even using!

Most companies have the same basic needs such as anti-virus, anti-malware, proactive monitoring, desktop support, server and workstation scheduled maintenance, among others. That's why we created the ArcLight Full Service & Support plan! We worked for the past three years refining our processes and procedures working out the details of how best to provide recurring services and proactive support. We believe we have the best and most comprehensive solution in the technology support industry at a price point that doesn't break the bank. We call our solution the "Full Service & Support Plan". Not very catchy, but it says what it is. All the service and support roled into a simple to understand service plan with simple monthly fee schedule.


Introducing ArcLight's Full Service & Support Plan

The ArcLight Full Service & Support plan includes all of the common solutions a small, medium, and even some large organizations need to function.

  • Anti-Virus Protection for servers and workstations (AVP)
  • Anti-Malware Protection for workstations and servers (AMP)
  • AVP & AMP Protection Monitoring & Reporting
  • Access to priority support ques
  • Auto-fix actions such as disk cleanup and de-fragmentation
  • Remote support agents on every computer
  • IT Glue Shared Knowledge Base for Client Admins
  • Volume level enterprise backup for servers
  • All support and maintenance on servers, workstations, mobile devices, and more!
  • Cloud managed windows encryption
  • Email Spam filtering
  • Windows server and workstation patching
  • and more!

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