Hosted Authentication

Secure your networks with strong authentication as a service

Hosted authentication is a cloud-based service where two-factor authentication or strong authentication (one-time password (OTP) on a hardware or software token plus a PIN) is provided by an outsourced provider instead of being done in-house.

Because of the ever increasing number of users wanting access to hosted services or cloud computing coupled with the increase in endpoints, ArcLight Group offers Hosted Authentication service as an option for organizations who want to improve their access security.

Why hosted authentication?

While recognizing the need to improve access security, some companies don’t have the interest, expertise, or perhaps the budget to implement and manage a two-factor authentication system themselves.

Advantages of hosted authentication:

  • No upfront investment
  • No servers to buy​​​​​
  • No extensive training​​​​​
  • ​​​​​No network implementation or complicated integration
  • ​​​​​No heavy ongoing cost in managing the solution and associated infrastructure

Benefits of hosted authentication from ArcLight Group:

Instant and easier implementation

Our ArcLight Group technicians can handle the complexity of implementation which will be typically carried out in just a few hours, compared to several days for a traditional server-based solution.

Easier ongoing support

A large percentage of helpdesk calls are related to password and authentication problems. Using hosted authentication will provide easier ongoing support and allow your helpdesk staff or IT administrators to focus on other more urgent matters.

No special skills needed

The adoption of in-house authentication may mean hiring qualified staff to install and manage the system or requiring a full training of your existing staff. Hosted authentication will be managed by our experts at ArcLight Group, hence no special skills are necessary.

Lower total cost of ownership

A combination of factors including not having to hire extra staff or train existing staff, instant and easier implementation, less helpdesk calls, less time spent on token logistics and less security incidents can result in a lower total cost of ownership for hosted authentication.


Hosted services are easily scalable to accommodate more users or more diverse access to networks.

To find out more about two-factor authentication and to scope and choose the right solution for your organization, contact us today.

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