Documentation as a Service

Catalogue your organization’s essential files

Does your organization have file cabinets taking up half of your office? If you don’t want to keep all those files, especially those that are no longer important, ArcLight Group has a solution to handle it all.

We offer a comprehensive document management solution as a repository to help you streamline your business and improve the speed of work productivity. Our experienced technicians at ArcLight Group will work hand-in-hand with you to tailor a solution that will meet your organizational needs.

Boost productivity with ArcLight Group Document Management expertise

A Document Management System (DMS), sometimes utilized as an integral component in an overall Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, is a dedicated file system where companies can manage all the vital information their organizations use to plan, run, and maintain continuity to help boost productivity. The DMS provides companies a free-flowing, collaborative outlet to manage all the information that is important if you want to add fluidity to your database. ArcLight Group’s solution integrates with many of today's top database solutions to give you and your staff a user experience that will save everyone time.

You can go to great lengths to protect your data against threats from outside of your network, but occasionally, the safety of your data is at risk from inside your network. As any company that works with a plethora of files will inevitably find out, files get moved around, changed, and lost entirely. A well-organized file structure saves end-users time and significantly alleviates the hassle that comes along with digging through your network storage to find the version of the file you are after.

Embrace a greener workplace

It may be impossible to create a paperless office, but with many companies pushing forward with the integration of mobile devices into their workflow, there are opportunities for companies to decrease their carbon footprint. Steady growth means more documents and having digital copies of physical documents in your DMS allow organizations additional options to manage all of their company's information in one place.

For more information about how a properly managed Document Management System can benefit your organization, contact us today.

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