1. How do I know how long callers are on hold or the average hold time?
  2. How do I know how many calls were disconnected without answer?
  3. Can I use my office phone system when outside the office via an app on my phone, my home computer, or laptop?
  4. How do I know which employee is answering the most calls?
  5. How do I play professional advertising messages to callers while the phone is ringing, while they are on hold, or in a call queue?
  6. Can you create a link on my website so that visitors can call me through the internet?
  7. Can I listen in on employee calls without being heard?
  8. Can I listen and barge into calls if I need to assist?
  9. Can I record all calls or a select few extensions or inbound only or outbound only?
  10. Can I setup holidays to automatically route calls to a different call tree?
  11. Can a teleworking employee have a physical phone on their home network and work as if at the office?
  12. Can I receive voicemail to email?
  13. Can I assign a single phone number to multiple phones?
  14. Can I have a single phone number ring phones in determined order?
  15. Can I have a single phone number roll over to a multiple extensions/phones?
  16. Can I login or out of call queues?
  17. Is there a web interface for managing calling and presence for my employees?
  18. Is there a wallboard for viewing calling statistics in real time?
  19. Can I receive faxes through my phone system?
  20. Can I use a complex call tree/IVR for various departments in my organization?
  21. Do I need a public phone number i.e. Direct Inward Dial (DID) for each phone/extension?
  22. Can I play an intro prompt for users?
  23. When callers enter a call queue, can we announce their position in the queue?
  24. When callers enter a call queue, can we allow them to hit “2” to request a call back?
  25. Is there a computer-based application for managing, monitoring, and reacting to incoming calls, queues, and ring groups?
  26. Can I see my call history on my desk phone, softphone, or webphone?
  27. Can I retrieve call recordings from an app or internet browser?
  28. Can I use a cordless phone in conjunction with my office phone system?
  29. Can I receive email notifications for missed calls?
  30. Can I receive call drop notifications?
  31. Can I blacklist phone numbers to prevent calls?
  32. Can a manager receive notifications when a call service level is breached?
  33. Can a manager be notified when a callback is made?
  34. Can a manager be notified when a callback fails?
  35. Can a manager be notified when a queue call is lost?
  36. When I call from my cell phone/softphone app or computer using the phone software will my cell, main office, or direct office phone number be displayed to the recipient?
  37. Can I block certain phones/extension from being able to call numbers outside of our office?
  38. Can I press an extension on my phone to force intercom with a recipient in my office?
  39. Can I hold a multiuser phone conference? Can I use a simple computer application or web interface to get this setup?
  40. Can I use paging features to page all phones or a select group of phones such as in a shop environment?
  41. Can my phone system be integrated with door and camera security systems?
  42. Is there a conference room intercom system that can be used?
  43. Can I create my own address book on my phone, computer app, or mobile app?
  44. Can I do a video/web conference using my phone system?
  45. Can I share my screen during a video/web conference?
  46. Do I need any expensive on-site hardware and software to run my advanced phone system?
  47. Can I have my company logo on the screen of my office phones?
  48. I perform rapid sales calls. Can I pre-record a voicemail message that can be left when I call a client and get their voicemail?
  49. Can I block all calls to the national “Do-Not-Call” list?
  50. I have a multi-tenant office. Can our phone system notify reception of how to answer the phone based on the inbound number dialed?
  51. Can my voicemails be transcribed into text?
  52. Can unheard/listed to voicemails be escalated to a manager?
  53. Does my phone system integrate with Outlook, my CRM, or other software?
  54. Is there any kind of call survey script integration for call centers?
  55. Can we create recurring on-call schedules for support people to receive calls?
  56. Is there a way to setup robo dialing for sales calls?
  57. Is there an audible sound that will play when a call queue has more than “X” people waiting in line?
  58. Is there a real time competitive wallboard for call centers to see who is making/taking the most calls?
  59. Can I pre-record custom paging announcements or tones to notify staff of things like break times?
  60. Can I graph out my phone system utilization?
  61. Can I use my existing Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Snom, Grandstream, or other phones with my new phone system?
  62. What phones & models are compatible with my new phone system?
  63. Can I use a video phone with my new phone system?
  64. Can I use my phone or PC app to make video calls to and from?
  65. What are some third party systems that have integration with my new phone system?
  66. Can I click a phone number via a webpage to call someone?
  67. Can I chat other employees via my new phone system?

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