Your phone on any device anywhere? You got it!

It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, the fact is that a modern phone system is no longer optional for optimum productivity. Your office phone system (also called a PBX) should follow you everywhere you go and on any device you use. Your mobile device, your tablet, your computer, or even a public access computer in a Kazakhstan library. Communication and accessibility is key to business survival.

What is going on? Who is doing what? What is the meaning of life?

We can’t help you with the last questions and the first two questions are the wrong questions as they lack detail. The right questions you should be asking are: Why doesn’t our phone ring? Why do customers complain about call disconnects or being transferred to a dead line or even worse are caught in an endless loop? How many calls does each employee answer? When do most calls come in? How long are callers on hold before someone answer? It is good to hire employees you trust, however it is best to “trust but verify”. The ArcLight phone system provides highly detailed and granular reports on just about any aspect of your phone system. Want to get these reports daily, weekly, or monthly? No problem, we can automatically generate reports and have them emailed to you on the schedule of your choosing.

A missed call is a missed opportunity and a missed opportunity is missed revenue!

One of the biggest surprises to our clients is how much more their phone rings after we install our phone system. No longer will your callers get stuck waiting for a receptionist without any knowledge of why. No longer will you receive countless calls from the same person who simply got tired of waiting and started redialing repeatedly. With the ArcLight phone system you can now utilize advanced call queuing just like Amazon and the other big corporations. With advanced call queueing your callers are instantly notified of their position in the queue. If a caller doesn’t want to wait in line they can press a number an receive a call back as soon as a receptionist is available.

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