Enterprise grade phone solutions on a small business budget!

Oklahoma’s small and medium-sized organizations deserve the next-gen, reliable communication solutions without high costs or over complexity.

Especially now, with many employees working remotely, it is vital to your business that your team can communicate easily no matter where they need to be.

ArcLight’s phone systems solutions unify multiple voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing Our products and services can often be integrated with networks and systems, IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices.

 Top benefits of ArcLight’s phone solutions

  • Always On

See who’s away and who’s on the phone from your desk, cell phone, or web app no matter where they are working in the world.

  • Multiple Site Integration

Employees are accessible anytime, anywhere with our cell phone app and web accessible phone app

  • Routing Calls

Push one button and calls are forwarded to your cell phone, home phone, another worker, or straight to voicemail

  • Voice Mail

Voicemails can be automatically sent to you via email.

  • Call Recording

Concerned with receptionist professionalism or simply want a call recording for reference?  We got you covered!

  • Advanced Call Back

Do you handle a high call volume?  Do clients sometimes spend too much time waiting for a receptionist to answer?  With ALPS you can provide high level call back functionality just like Amazon.  Callers are asked if they “would like a call back”.  If callers choose a call back, then the next available receptionist’s phone will immediately start a call back as soon as they are available.

  • On Hold Advertising

Arclight partnered with a professional advertising agency to provide your organization a one stop shop for professional voice over talent.  Although we all prefer to not have our clients on-hold, it does sometimes happen.  It is wise to fill that audible void with some unobtrusive advertising such as monthly specials, educational information, topical news items, etc.

  • Super Simple Conferencing

Do you find your current phone system frustrating to setup a conference call?  Do you have to push a random set of numbers to create a conference call and hope you don’t have issues?  Worried about not sounding professional as you navigate your phone system to create a multi-party call?  We got you covered with a super simple web interface for creating, managing, and merging calls with multiple participants.

  • Fax to Email

Wouldn’t it be nice if every employee has their own fax line for inbound faxing?  Simple and easy to do with the ALPS phone system.

  • Streamline Call Management

If you have a call center or a single receptionist the ALPS Windows app makes monitoring, merging, transferring calls as easy as drag and drop.

  • TaaS – Technology as a Service

Phone systems are available for a small flat monthly fee with unlimited moves/adds/changes, unlimited updates, and unlimited support

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Time to get serious with your technology by standardizing your infrastructure.



Time to look at technology improvements to boost productivity!

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