Monthly Specials

No specials for September.


Sit-Stand Desk

Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Desk + Rectangular 60” x 24” top.
Call for base/top color, style, size options. (top is solid/opaque)

Price: $990 Delivered and Installed!


Floor Mat

Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat (comes with mat and several balls)

Price:$150 Delivered and Installed!

Monitor Arms

Single or Dual Monitor Arms

$Price Varies (Call for details)

No specials for July.

We recently added a new telephony product offering called 3CX. 3CX is a very advanced and cost effective phone system that can be hosted in the cloud and on premise. If you are looking for a great cost effective phone system (or an upgrade) we are ready to help. At no cost to you we will setup your current call routing on our demo phone system and let you test it at your convenience. We currently have eleven different types of business class desk phones in our office setup and ready to test. Check out the attached PDF for more information on this phone system.

Technology planning service is free for all existing ArcLight clients that sign up in June. Many of our clients are unaware of our robust reporting system that enables us to give you great insight into your systems. Let me help you plan your IT infrastructure budgeting at no cost to you. Send an email to to schedule your free no obligation Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) meeting. Don’t guess at your technology expenses!

$125 prepaid support and project hour bundle. Our IT-Scout customers can purchase prepaid support hours at a reduced rate of $125 per hour. Minimum purchase is 10 hours and maximum is 100 hours. Hours are good for one year from time of purchase and will be deducted from support as they are utilized.

Keep in mind that all purchases must be made in the month the special is for. Hardware and software sales will be purchased as soon as payment is received however work can be performed anytime and may be scheduled for a subsequent month. Since the systems in our monthly specials are built to order at the factory (usually in China) there can be an extended delay on delivery. Delivery typically happens within 20 days from the time we place the order. Any pre-paid hours must be utilized before the end of the calendar year.

Mobile Power User Bundle

Laptop – Docking Station – Dual Monitors

Everything you need for the active business user. Plug your laptop into the docking station while at the office and enjoy the two large 24” monitors for added productivity. While on the road the light 15.6” display gives you plenty of screen real estate to get work done without squinting at tiny text!

Laptop - Dell Latitude 15 5000 5580 15.6" LCD (Business Class)

Purpose built for mobile workers that need a slim light notebook with a large screen for presentations, multitasking with Microsoft Office applications, or even light design work.
Base Configuration: Intel Core i5 (7th Gen) i5-7440HQ Quad-core (4 Core) 2.80 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 500 GB HDD, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1920 x 1080

Docking Station - Dell WD15

Designed to allow a single cable connection to your laptop that adds multiple monitor support and additional USB ports.

Monitors – 2 * Viewsonic 24” LED LCD

Two monitors attached to your docking station give you a huge productivity boost. Keep spreadsheets on one monitor and email on the other. Multitasking has never been easier!
Product Price: $2,189.77
Product + Installation: $2,350
Product + Installation + Data Transfer: $2,600
Add Ons: Ask us how our single point dual monitor mount can free up your desk space!

Detailed Network Analysis and Audit

New clients that sign up for a Full Service agreement in May receive a free detailed system audit. Audit includes system inventory, windows patch reporting, asset discovery, external vulnerability scan, drive encryption report, file scan, share permission report, user identification, computer identification, and more!

Our detailed audit normally starts at $2,500. For new full service customers that sign up for services in May we are offering the audit for free!

Service Price: $2,500 FREE!

Tired of having a slow computer? Can you hear your hard drive percolate like a coffee maker? Replace that old spinning disk with a fast solid state drive. The single best upgrade for a slow computer is a solid state drive (SSD). This May we are offering our existing clients an SSD drive upgrade and data transfer for a flat reduced rate.

Choose your drive size:

  • Samsung 120GB SSD $120
  • Samsung 250GB SSD $180
  • Samsung 500GB SSD $220
  • Samsung 1,000GB SSD $420

Choose your installation option

  • Drive installation + data Transfer: $150
  • Drive installation + fresh install of Windows + data transfer: $250
  • Drive installation + New Windows 10 Pro License + data transfer + installation: $350

Some limitations apply. Call 918 270 6600 with questions about compatibility with Windows 10 Pro and/or your existing computer. Computers that are more than ten years old are typically not good candidates for Windows 10 due to lack of compatible drivers.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Desktop (Task Worker)

Purpose Built For: Task workers such as clerical, data entry, and Office application usage. Also great for companies that utilize terminal servers, but also need a computer powerful enough to run local applications.

Base Configuration: Intel Core I3, 8GB Memory, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 Professional

Price: $899 (includes installation at client site*)

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Desktop (Heavy Multitasking & Resource Intensive Application Usage)

Purpose Built For: Heavy application usage such as Quickbooks, large spreadsheets with many calculations, ERP, EMR, EHR, and other resource intensive applications and multitasking operations.

Base Configuration: Intel Core I5, 8GB Memory, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 Professional

Price: $999 (includes installation at client site*)

Add Ons (installation included when purchased with a desktop computer)

Lenovo ThinkVision Monitor*

Base Configuration: 23.8”, VESA mount, 16:9 Wide Screen, LED LCD 1920 x 1080, Integrated USB HUB. Price includes display port to DVI cable required for running dual monitors on M700 desktops.

Price: $199

Ergotron Dual Monitor Mount*

Purpose Built For: Freeing up desk space. Mounts via clamp or drill mount on back of desk.

Base Configuration: Brushed aluminum and black with integrated cable management

Price: $292.03

Ergotron Single Monitor Mount*

Purpose Built For: Freeing up desk space by lifting monitor off of desk, yet allowing to be close to user.

Base Configuration: Brushed aluminum and black with integrated cable management

Price: $241.18

Network & System Base Audit*

Purpose: Report on system configuration, installed software, disk usage, patch level, and other pertinent information about your systems. Great tool for generating information for auditors and compliance reporting (HIPAA).

Price: $900 (under 20 devices)

Cable Management and Cleanup*

Purpose: Clean up/tie up messy cables under desks, copiers, printers, and anywhere else that may have a rats nest. Cleanup includes mounting screws, Velcro, and zip ties as needed

Price: $99/device (discounts for more than ten devices)

Pre-Paid Support or Project Hours*

Price for customers on a monthly Agreement: $125/hr (minimum of 50 hours)

Price for customers ­ a monthly Agreement: $145/hr (minimum of 50 hours)

*Some limitations apply. Call to learn more.

Keep in mind that all purchases must be made in the month the special is for.

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