The staff at The ArcLight Group have been such an added blessing to my company.  They may not be located in my office, but they are an integral part of my team keeping my office running smoothly every day.  Their staff is very responsive and quick to help whenever we run into an issue, which is very rare because of their excellent IT knowledge.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs IT staff, but can’t have someone on sight or in-house.

Carri Shockley President Shockley
Bookkeeping & Tax Services

What is worse than working in financial services and unable to get your computers to work leading up to April 15th? Not much!

You can’t out spend your computer problems by buying new systems every time an issue arises. No matter how much you invest in systems, without regular maintenance, monitoring, and care they devolve into productivity killing gremlins.

The ArcLight Group understands that business productivity is not a “nicety” but a “must” to keep your employees and your clients informed and happy. Let’s face it, nobody likes to hear “can I call you back, our computers are down?” from an organization that manages your banking, finances, bookkeeping and/or taxes.

Give us a call and let us help your business create, improve, and maintain productivity.

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