What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company or service that remotely manages an Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. They can be the sole IT support or work alongside with internal IT staff. MSP’s are one of the leading ways modern businesses keep their IT systems secure from cyberthreats. For a more detailed breakdown visit our Managed Services page.

What does ArcLight Managed Services include?

ArcLight Managed Services are tailored to the client’s specific needs.  They can include a wide array of services such as Cloud Managed Services, Network and Infrastructure, Security as a Service and Support Services. With these service offerings, Arclight ensures enhanced IT posture, improved business continuity, operational efficiency, and improved responsiveness. For a more detailed breakdown visit our Managed Services or Advanced Security page.

How Much do Managed IT services cost?

There isn’t a standardized pricing, it differs by the service needed, duration of the service, existing client infrastructure, and many more variables. Typically, services are priced by the hour, by the service, by the number of users serviced, by the number of devices serviced, or some combination of all the above. A good starting point is to simply discuss what “good IT support” looks like for your organization.  We can then perform a network discovery to better understand your infrastructure.  Once a network discovery has been performed we can sit down and work out the appropriate solutions to get you the “good IT support” you asked for.  To better understand what costs would be for your organization, schedule a consultation with an expert!

What kind of companies are good candidates for Managed Service Provider?

Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries use MSP for a variety of different reasons. Small to medium companies use MSPs to provide full IT support so they can focus on their core business.  Larger companies often use an MSP to augment the in-house IT staff. Some organizations also need 365/24/7 monitoring and maintenance and outsource an MSP to assist with that coverage. To see how ArcLight can help your organization, schedule a consultation today!

What are benefits to outsourcing Managed IT services?

An MSP can be a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an internal IT support staff or they can augment your existing staff. MSP’s also can provide important outside resources and support that can be valuable to your organization. At ArcLight, we will work with you step by step to understand all questions and concerns and create recommendations based on what best fits your business needs. Schedule a consultation today and find out how we can help your organization!

What if we already have internal IT support staff?

Not a problem! Many of our clients have designated internal IT staff to handle the day-to- day technical issues. These organizations often count on us for more advanced and critical IT support functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, advanced IT security and 365/24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance. On the other hand, If your organization has one or more highly skilled technical staff it might be best to simply outsource basic end user support so your high level staff can stay focused on priorities.  No matter the need, ArcLight has experience meeting our client’s needs and exceeding expectations.  If you would like to learn more on how we can help your organization, schedule a consultation here!

What if I have a problem after business hours, on a holiday or over the weekend?

Not to worry, we have you covered! We have dedicated engineers who are on call for those emergency situations. They can be dispatched by calling our after-hours support line at 918-270-6600, option 1.

Is free anti-virus/malware software any good and should I use them?

Free anti-viruses are typically free only for home users and not for corporate use.  They are also free for a reason and offer limited protection against viruses and spyware. Free anti-virus lacks active monitoring, reporting, and automated remediation.  However, Today’s threats have evolved and are serious and very malicious. Just having the best anti-virus is not even close to enough to protect your network that is constantly under-attack! You need layered protection, check out our information Advanced Security page for more info.

Do I have to sign a contract/agreement to get support?

When non-client/new organizations contact ArcLight they typically have an immediate need. Something has failed miserably, and they need a quick fix. In most cases we jump into action to remedy the issue with little fanfare. Sometimes organizations need a project performed such as a new server, software, networking equipment, or simply a distrust of their current provider’s ability, willingness, or timeliness to solve their issues. In all cases a site technical review or “discovery” is needed for ArcLight to fully understand the details of the environment and before a project can be properly scoped. In all these cases to provide our client’s with clear understanding of our services we do require a signed agreement. ArcLight agreements clearly define what service, support, and maintenance will be provided to our clients. Once a discovery has been performed an organization may wish to utilize ArcLight for ongoing support. In these cases, a term contract will be setup that matches the client’s need. For example, a retainer-based support agreement will likely be a month-to-month agreement, but for high level service and support agreements that require software such as anti-virus, security incident and event management, endpoint detection and response, remote monitoring, and management a multi-year term agreement may be better suited. Multi-year term agreements allow ArcLight to offer the best price to our clients as we negotiate software licensing with our vendors based on terms of service. In some cases, ArcLight is locked into terms with vendors to provide services to our clients. At the end of the day, term agreements are how most technology is sold both to us as reseller and to our clients as technology consumers. All businesses want both flexibility and a fair price. ArcLight provides agreements that give our valued clients the options they need to make good technology buying decisions.

What are your help desk hours?

Normal Help Desk hours are 8am-6pm, and we answer inbound calls/tickets in the order in which they are received.

We also have dedicated engineers available 365/24/7 for after-hours emergencies. Simply call our support line 918.270.6600, option 1.

What security posture will we have in place to protect our business?

We eat our own dog food.  This means we use all of the same security solutions we recommend to our clients to properly secure our internal network.  Rest assured that if we recommend a security solution, it’s because we have weighed its value and use it ourselves.  We also take our clients’ security very seriously; this starts with our very first consultation where we build and scale our services to best fit your business needs. We operate on a multi-layer security profile, depending on your organization’s needs, you can have anywhere from 5 to 12 layers protecting you! You can learn more on what to consider in IT security on our Technology Security and Advanced Security pages.

Do you handle vendor coordination?

We do! We know the industry, and the products that go into it very well. Our staff work with your technology vendors to help plan or troubleshoot. We also work with vendors on quotes to order firewalls, switches, PCs, and other equipment. You can focus on what matters most, not your vendors.

Can I just call you if something breaks instead of having a monthly bill?

Costs on a “Break-fix” method can be unpredictable and difficult to budget for, this only works when the rest of your systems are running perfectly. On a fixed agreement our IT experts respond and resolve the error quickly and effectively. With remote monitoring, ArcLight also takes a proactive approach in having systems in place to prevent most problems from happening in the first place. To learn more about having an ArcLight as your MSP, visit our Managed Services page.

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