ArcLight’s Why

Why Arclight?

All successful businesses must determine their purpose or as Simon Sinek puts it we must “find our why”. And once we have found our “why” can then answer “how” and “what” we do.

Why? Because Truth Matters

Unobtainable Triangle

Have you ever had someone promise the moon and deliver a pebble? If you have seen any commercial in the last fifty years, then you have likely heard many advertisers claim to be the best, fastest, and cheapest option on the market. In a highly competitive market it is impossible to sustain the best, fastest, and cheapest solution in your chosen industry. At some point one of the three will be forcefully diminished.

There is an axiom called the Unattainable Triangle that is often used in sales and marketing that states the following.

  • Something that is high quality and done quickly cannot be low cost
  • Something that is high quality and low cost cannot be done quickly
  • Something that is done quickly, and low cost cannot be high quality

In other words, you can never have more than two of the three. If there was ever an industry where the unattainable triangle applies, it is in the technology consulting, support, and services industry. Our industry is often guilty of claiming to beat the unattainable triangle. This is the point where I admit that we do not make this claim, and that is because Truth Matters.

How We Do What We Do

The Truth is that high quality and rapid response and resolution comes at a cost. To meet this demand an MSP must have enough experienced technology professionals on staff to prevent a backlog of issues. They must also have a host of advanced and expensive tools for monitoring, remote access, reporting, ticketing, and scripting. Without adequate staff and tools, a backlog of issues will occur. This backlog inhibits an MSP’s ability to get things “done quickly”. We at ArcLight call our approach to “high quality” and “done quickly” a “single touch resolution” because your initial request only touches one staff member for resolution. This is the epitome of “High Quality” and “Done Quickly”.

What Do We Do

ArcLight provides projects, support, and services that meet client demands for high quality, done quickly, and low cost. We acknowledge the Truth that only two of the three solutions can ever coexist and have built our plans accordingly. Although Arclight works within the unattainable triangle, we will NEVER compromise on the quality of our projects, support, or services.

In Practice

ArcLight provides two service offerings.

  1. High Quality & Done Quickly – You will talk to a live experienced System Administrator for any mission critical issues and we will resolve your issue ASAP without the use of internal tiered support structures. Services can include backup and disaster recovery, anti-virus management, firewall management, Windows patch management, network and system monitoring and reporting and many more.
  2. Services Only – For clients that want to manage their own systems or have techs or tech savvy employees on staff we can offer critical managed services for a fee along with support for issues beyond internal staff skill set.
  3. Done Quickly & Low Cost Service can never be “done quickly” for “low cost” and still be “high quality”. ArcLight will never offer “low quality” service. When NASA successfully sends a man into space using a rocket made of duct tape and toilet paper rolls we may consider changing our tune…

Arclight’s Immutable Laws

  • Truth Matters
  • Be Righteous
  • High Quality Work
  • Necessary Solutions

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