Advanced Security

CyberSecurity is one of the most important functions for any organization, but most may lack the resources or expertise to secure information across the network. Fortunately, there is an alternative – you can partner with ArcLight to provide managed security services to protect your data.

Security Risk questions to answer:

  • What threats are targeting us?
  • How is the threat level evolving?
  • Which systems are the most vulnerable?
  • What devices are protected when they leave the office?

Operations & Management questions to answer:

  • How does my staff document critical information?
  • How fast can I get my network back up after a system failure?
  • Are errors or bad things happening?

Support questions to answer:

  • How do we know when a security event happens?
  • Is the issue a user error or security error?
  • How do we handle incident response and forensics?

If you don’t know the answer to all of these questions, ArcLight can help. As a Managed Security Services provider (MSSP) company, ArcLight has the required knowledge, expertise, and capacity to get your business’s security management off your plate, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on the success of your business. ArcLight will work with your organization step by step to understand questions and concerns your company has about its IT security and identify needs as well as train to keep your business and people safe. Based on those findings, we will assess your company’s network environment, report our results, and create our recommendations based on which CyberSecurity plan best fits your business needs.

Email security – Arclight provides small and medium-sized businesses with next-generation email security. We help you protect your people from malware-based threats like malicious attachments or links and from malware-free threats like email fraud or credential phishing emails. We also help you defend against attacks across social media channels. Built-in data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption discover, and secure sensitive information send in email. And its comprehensive email continuity always helps keep your business communications up and running.

Mobile Device Web Filtering – Most companies utilize advanced content filtering solutions that prevent web content from gaining access to mission critical systems. ArcLight’s Mobile Device Web Filtering on the other hand continues to filter web content even when the device leaves the network. ArcLight’s AI driven content filtering is a critical part of your system’s security posture since devices that become compromised outside of your network often become devices that continue to be compromised when the employee returns to the office.

Password Manager – Securely store your passwords in the cloud and access them via a chrome browser plugin or the handy smart phone app. By utilizing a vault for your team-based passwords, you eliminate the risks associated with writing down or emailing passwords. Always know all your passwords, even if they have recently changed.

Cloud Documentation Manager – Create, view, and Securely share Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and all other information within your organization. You can also choose to share these files with your IT provider to eliminate email overload and lost Word and Excel documents. The included tools make creating, versioning, and maintaining documentation a breeze.

Dark Web Monitoring – Password re-use is one of the biggest treats to companies today. Employees have a bevy of passwords to remember and for this reason most try to re-use passwords as much as possible. One of the issues with this is when employees register with websites using their work email and their work password. When (not if) the website they registered on gets compromised the attacker will have both the work email address and password for the user. Once that information is gathered it’s a quick easy jump to the corporate network to begin attacks or to simply try the email and password against commonly used cloud applications such as Office 365, Quickbooks Online, etc. Dark Web Monitoring alerts ArcLight when emails used in your business become compromised i.e. for sale on the Dark Web. Knowing quickly when a password was compromised gives you the opportunity to force password changes to protect your mission critical data.

Employee Email Security Training & Testing – Training your employees on how to spot email phishing attacks is easy but validating if they put the training into practice is difficult. That’s why ArcLight recommends letting us phish your employees! ArcLight sends regularly scheduled phishing emails to your employees to test their ability to identify and delete potential phishing emails. Utilizing the Outlook integrated CatchPhish button employees can quickly identify phishing emails both legitimate and from ArcLight. Your employees are your first line of defense. You need to know that they take security seriously.

Multi-Factor Authentication – Muti-factor Authentication (MFA) or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is rapidly becoming the expected security minimums for securing mission critical systems. ArcLight MFA requires that users receive a randomly generated code to login to applications. Since the codes are randomly generated and expire in less than a minute it makes it very difficult for an attacker to gain access even when the attacker has the user’s sensitive passwords.

Endpoint Detection & Response – Traditional anti-virus (AV) uses definition-based defenses. When a threat matches a definition stored in the AV it gets blocked. Slightly more modern AVs utilize heuristic and AI driven blocking. These features are very good at blocking viruses but tend to be poor at remediating viruses after infection. Endpoint Detection & Response solutions (EDR) on the other hand watch everything happening on your device and log it so that when an event happens it can put everything back the way it was prior to infection. EDR knows where you are at all times and knows what has changed. While we still recommend the low-cost medium value of a traditional AV solution, we strongly recommend layering an EDR on top. EDR protects, but it really shines when recovery is needed.

  • Track Everything, Contextualize and Identify Evil in Real Time, Respond & Rollback, Threat Hunt with TrueContext

Security Incident Event Manager – The ArcLight Security Incident Event Manager or SIEM for short connects you with threat intelligence sharing communities and sources and automates intel consumption. Identify potential threat activity on your network, and view everything through a user-friendly online interface. The SIEM Security Operations Center investigates any alerts on your network, escalates real incidents to our attention, and helps you eliminate the threat. Customize what and how we escalate to fit your needs.

Privileged Access Management – Privileged Access Management or PAM for short helps manage, secure, monitor, and restrict privileged access to your Windows environment. PAM grants access based on need rather than a blank authorization for end users and administrative staff to install and run any application they choose.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory P2 – Microsoft Azure Active Directory P2 or AD P2 for shot, ties your local server Active Directory infrastructure directly to the cloud. This enables self-service password resets which dramatically reduces employee downtime for lost or forgotten passwords. AD P2 dramatically increases security through advanced identity protection, risk events investigation, risk based conditional access policies, access reviews, and entitlement management.

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