Advance Security Assessment

IT security is at the top of everyone’s mind, now more than ever, and it is seen all too often in the media that vulnerabilities are exploited: human failure, malicious attack,  and equipment failure to name just a few. The consequences for any size business are disastrous. ArcLight performs professional Security Assessment services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our Cyber Security experts can help you identify and address any security vulnerabilities you may have.

ArcLight will work with your organization step by step to understand questions and concerns your company has about its IT security and identify needs as well as train to keep your business and people safe. Based on those findings, we’ll assess your company’s network environment, report our results, and create an action plan and recommendations for your consideration.

Areas of Consideration include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identity and Access Management—Password Management, multiple factor authentication (MFA), and Single Sign-on (SSO) are just a few strategies employed to ensure that your users have secure access to your company’s network resources. ArcLight can assist your business in determining which access management tools are best suited to its needs.
  • Application and Data Security— Large and small businesses are responsible for the security of customer data. ArcLight can help your company establish robust protocols around the access and handling of that data by employees internally and externally.
  • versatility—Employees want access to their work environments anywhere, any time, securely and reliably. ArcLight can help your company develop secure remote access protocols and strategies to stay ahead of the potential threats and to mitigate any loss of information due to lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Audits—ArcLight can assist your company with conducting scheduled audits and testing to demonstrate its best effort toward regulatory compliance.
  • Compliance—Regulated industries must take particular care in ensuring data handling is according to compliance guidelines. ArcLight can help your organization navigate these requirements to ensure that it adheres to regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Training—ArcLight provides ongoing training and resources to your company to help build awareness in your employees of the many ways they are targets on any given day by social engineering, phishing, and other intrusion strategies employed by cybercriminals so that they’re able to act as your front line against these malicious actions.

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